Innovative Revenue Cycle Business Models For 15 Years

At HEI Health we understand the financial realities of healthcare. In the revenue cycle, cost reductions and yield improvements of 10-20% is the new normal.

We assemble and implement best practice solutions across automation, productivity technology, analytics, RC hotspotting, remote workforce, education and re-engineering into a customized playbook that delivers the results your organization needs.

We Help Providers Unlock Staff Productivity & Effectiveness with
Performance Enhancing Technologies

We Help Clients Reduce Cost & Recover Cash with a
Domestic Flexible Virtualized Workforce

We Enable Performance Transformation with
A Proven Revenue Cycle 2.0 Playbook

New market forces require different levels of talent management, and recruiting and retaining the best talent makes approaches like work from home a requirement in today’s environment.  Our technology suite optimizes use of your current workforce and enables a riskless transition to tomorrow’s business models.

In addition, our Virtual Team Services create a fresh alternative to outsourcing, providing a flexible, well trained workforce on demand for your temporary needs.

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