About Us - HEI Health Benefits Healthcare and Hospital RCM For Over 15 Years

At HEI Health we understand the financial realities of healthcare. In the revenue cycle, cost reductions and yield improvements of 10-20% is our “normal.”

Since 2004 we have assembled and implemented best practices and solutions across automation, productivity technology, analytics, RC hotspotting, remote workforce, education and re-engineering. Our customized playbook delivers the results hospitals and healthcare facilities are asking for. And our values help us innovate and stay agile.

We Help Providers Unlock Staff Productivity & Effectiveness with
Performance Enhancing Technologies

We Help Clients Reduce Cost & Recover Cash with a
Domestic Flexible Virtualized Workforce

We Enable Performance Transformation with
A Proven Revenue Cycle 2.0 Playbook

New market forces require a different approach to talent management. Recruiting and retaining the best talent might make work-from-home a requirement in today’s environment.  Our technology suite optimizes your current workforce and makes a riskless transition to tomorrow’s business models possible.

In addition, our different business model and Virtual Team Services offer an alternative to outsourcing. Providing CFOs and VPs of RCM a flexible, well-trained workforce on-demand along with the transparency and control they have been asking for.

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