Holding Ourselves Accountable To Our Values For 15 Years


At HEI Health we understand the importance of corporate and personal values and the impact they make on real business practices. Our values:


Put our Customers first.

    • Don’t let a customer fail
    • Ask the question “What is best for the customer?”
    • When we make a mistake we always make it right for the customer
    • Our success is measured by our customers’ success

Learn and Improve every day.

    • Continuously improve and learn new skills
    • Improve our products and services as a way to provide more to customers
    • Measure to improve vs. looking good
    • Share knowledge to grow others
    • Be our own harshest critic
    • Learn the lessons that failures teach us (Fail forward)
    • Practice curiosity


Deliver “Excellence” in everything we do.

    • If we can’t be excellent, we shouldn’t be doing it (Excellence is part of our name)
    • Don’t make errors, don’t take errors and don’t pass errors
    • Be obsessive about the details
    • Be prepared: Look ahead / Plan ahead
    • Live the Lean principles (5S, Visual Workplace, Shift briefings, Standardization, Problem Solving, Documented processes, Fact Based Decision Making, etc.)
    • Play your “A” game every day


Play as a Team.

    • Don’t let others fail; Neither customers nor colleagues
    • Do whatever it takes to make sure the team wins (customers and HEI employees are all on our team)
    • Honor other teammates’ work
    • Be accountable for your actions and own your teams’ performance


Embrace Diversity.

    • Expand your perspective through the stories of others
    • Gain responsibility based on ability, skills, work ethic and attitude
    • Respect, listen, and appreciate other people’s viewpoints of the same issue


Be Adaptable.

    • Just DO it
    • Value speed as a competitive advantage
    • See the opportunity in change
    • Look for ways to help clients, especially if it leads to new practices
    • Find a way to say “yes”




New market forces require different levels of talent management, and strong corporate values make recruiting and retaining the best talent a little easier. Our technology and our values enable us to innovate and be agile in solving some of healthcare’s toughest challenges.

We continue to seek new alternatives to outsourcing: Our business model provides you with more control, more transparency, and a flexible, well-trained workforce-on-demand for your specialty and aged inventory (or entire business office outsourcing).

Value Created For Customers

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