Care Management

Re-Engineering for Superior Care Management

Changes in reimbursement, rapid network expansions, new acquisitions in physicians, and new technologies demand careful attention and strategic planning for the future. Healthcare leaders are taking on new and sophisticated challenges to transform their organizations in delivering care within this ever-shifting landscape. HEI’s health systems engineers work with healthcare leaders and organizations to eliminate unnecessary costs, complexity, and waste from processes that don’t drive revenue or positive patient outcomes. Our process is proven and it works. For more information on how we can help your organization contact us today.

Care Management Re-Engineering Results

Record High Employee Engagement Scores

1 Day Reduction in Length of Stay

30% Decrease in Bed Turnaround Time

$6 Million Revenue Increase from Improved CMI

Perioperative Services

HEI works with healthcare organizations to ensure that patients scheduled for surgery are prepared, avoiding unnecessary cancellations. HEI’s health systems engineers work with hospital staff and leaders to ensure early identification, documentation and communication of risks prior to surgery.

Our systems engineers prioritize coordination between perioperative services and care management. As a result, organizations increase co-morbidity identification while reducing readmissions and surgery cancellation rates.

Sample Deliverables from Re-Engineering Perioperative Services Include:

  • Reliable assessment of clinical, financial and social risks
  • Comprehensive care plans to match identified risks
  • Improved documentation of risk and mitigation plans
  • Increased patient education and engagement

Population Health Management

HEI’s population health solution involves a focused, patient-centered approach. We work to engage all available resources anchored around the patient with actionable, comprehensive care plans. Supported by HealthSignal technology, the HEI Health solution is built to support a patient’s unique care community.

If Population Health Management is a top priority for your organization, consider speaking with one of our friendly staff today.

The HEI Solution Can Help:

  • Improve network coordination to prevent out-of-network losses
  • Manage real-time patient criticality and support physician care plans
  • Efficiently use resources to expand population reach without adding costs
  • Tap community resources to address patients’ non-clinical disparities

HEI Health are the Health Systems Engineering Experts

HEI Health has worked with health systems across the country to dramatically change and re-engineer their organizations to be successful in the future.

HEI Health Care Coordination Technology


ResoLogix is a web-based application designed for care coordination, workflow prioritization, resource allocation and decision support for all aspects of Care Management using Lean methodologies. ResoLogix is desktop, tablet, and mobile-friendly to prioritize departmental workflow, supported with real-time data exchange with internal host systems via an HL-7 interface.


Population health management and patient engagement technology to support care plan compliance, resource engagement and barrier removal. HealthSignal offers simple, practical "To-Do" format care plans, featuring medications monitoring, biometrics, moods, pain levels, activities, and appointment tracking.

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