Re-Engineering At-Risk Population Health Management 

HEI Population Health Management Solutions

Behavior change is key to chronic disease management and prevention. With 8 behaviors and risks driving 80% of the cost in managing chronic diseases, a patient’s social support system is the key factor in positively influencing behavior change that reduces total costs of care. While clinical resources are often overburdened, non-clinical resources are equally under-utilized as important components of a patient’s care community.  HEI Population Health Solutions are focused on chronic care management as a patient-centered approach that engages all available resources anchored around actionable, comprehensive care plans.

HEI Population Health Management Solutions:

  • Improve network coordination to prevent out-of-network losses
  • Manage real-time Patient criticality and support physician care plans
  • Efficiently use resources to expand population reach without adding costs
  • Tap community resources to address patients’ non-clinical disparities

HEI’s Population Health Solutions include Disease Management Technology to support patients.

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