Transforming Revenue Cycles for Financial Excellence

HEI Revenue Cycle Transformation

HEI’s Revenue Cycle Transformation is the comprehensive re-engineering of Patient Access, Case Management, HIM and Coding, and Patient Financial Services. This 2-3 year transformational process is for health systems who aspire to have the best performing, most engaged, in-house revenue cycle operation in the country. The result is an organization that is dynamic and flexible, ready to succeed under value-based reimbursement, or achieve the highest levels of revenue cycle performance. HEI’s Revenue Cycle Transformation usually begins with an assessment of the organization’s revenue cycle. The goal of the revenue cycle assessment is to identify the overall opportunity for improvement, and where to begin the transformation. After the assessment, HEI prioritizes the areas that will drive the most improvement for the organization and begins rapid re-engineering events.

Sample deliverables of a Revenue Cycle Transformation include:

  • Physical workspace redesign, if desired, to Lean principles
  • Provision of employee performance evaluation process and tools
  • Organization of high-performance work teams by payer type with daily shift briefings
  • Implemented, documented, and signed process agreements
  • Associate and management coaching and mentoring
  • Implementation of visual work management boards
  • IT system readiness and modification of existing technology to support goals
  • Operational results and metrics tracking
  • Establishment and mentoring of revenue cycle leadership performance reviews

Supporting Revenue Cycle Transformation, HEI’s Revenue Cycle Technology may be implemented to newly re-engineered processes. Read about organizations who have undergone this transformation process here.

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