Revenue Cycle Innovation for Results-Oriented Providers: Virtual Team Services (VTS ®)

We Help Clients Reduce Cost & Recover Cash with Domestic Virtualized Staff

Resources That Work & Act Like Your Own

HEI Health Domestic Virtual Team Services (VTS)

  • Dedicated Assignment of resources to you
  • Full Control of what gets worked and how it gets worked
  • Continuous Visual Access and Direct Communication for your assigned resources
  • Transparency through real-time measurement of individual and team performance
  • Rigorous Quality Control through resource certification, process certification and operations auditing and support
  • Availability of resources on evenings and weekends for better customer experience and lower network leakage
  • Access to Specialty Knowledge
  • Flexible — 7 Days from need to launch
  • Collaborative Pricingto match your goals

VTS Provides Accountability, Transparency, Flexibility & Control

Virtual Team Services

Virtual Team Services gives you access to qualified resources on demand.  Use this dedicated staff only when and how you need it.  You only incur a cost when it makes sense, and still get the work done the way you need it to be done.  You get full transparency into the productivity and performance, and receive feedback pointing to process issues you can address to reduce future needs.

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