HEI Health Announces the Release of Virtual Team Services and the Virtual Team Services Environment for Revenue Cycle Leaders

PHOENIX, AZ April 12, 2019— Today HEI Health announced the launch of Virtual Team Services (VTSTM), a domestic virtual workforce of qualified revenue cycle staff available on-demand to hospital and health system leaders. Accompanying the release of HEI’s VTS staffing solution, HEI Health also announced the release of the Virtual Team Services Environment (VTSE TM), a web-based ecosystem built to support growing virtual teams, tracking team or individual performance and harnessing talent in a remote workforce environment.

HEI Health’s Virtual Team Services is set to empower revenue cycle leaders with unparalleled control, flexibility, accountability, and visibility over their on-demand resources, unlike that of existing outsourcing or temporary staff solutions. VTS, enabled by the Virtual Team Services Environment, provides busy revenue cycle leaders with the necessary tools to take full control over their virtual team, upholding quality and accountability without sacrificing on cost or requiring lengthy contracts.

Following the debut of HEI Health’s Virtual Team Services and the Virtual Team Services Environment at Becker’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Mischa Dick, COO of HEI Health stated, “Many of the conversations we’ve had at Becker’s, indicated that this model resonates with the needs expressed by healthcare leadership. VTS offers a your team, your way approach to staffing, with power by the hour flexibility. Growing pressures around unification, payer demands, IT projects, and budget are very real, and VTS offers leaders an unparalleled solution for cost-effective, controllable, accountable and flexible resources.”

HEI Health reports that early implementations of Virtual Team Services and the VTSE have already begun to demonstrate positive outcomes for healthcare providers. Results from an engagement with an organization undergoing a challenging EMR conversion include the capture of $10 Million in cash gains and a 50% reduction in A/R greater than 150 days with buffer capacity VTS support.

“In our work with leading healthcare organizations we have familiarized ourselves with the stresses and pressures placed upon revenue cycle leaders who must cope with challenging IT implementations, staffing turnover, consolidations, and payer complexities.” said Marj Green, CEO of HEI Health, “For that reason, we engineered a solution to address those needs and we are pleased to offer Virtual Team Services and the VTSE to the broader market.”

HEI Health’s Virtual Team Services, including resources for specialty knowledge such as VA or ambulatory collections, can be implemented in as little as two weeks with new organizations. To learn more about VTS or the VTSE email: info@heihealth.com.


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At HEI Health, our team of experts in Re-Engineering are passionate about solving the most complex and challenging problems in healthcare. HEI offers healthcare leaders technology-enabled solutions to match changing demands on staffing and resource challenges within the revenue cycle. Beyond HEI’s specialization of revenue cycle, HEI Health works with a diverse group of clients across the United States to provide end-to-end Re-Engineering and Unification solutions. HEI’s portfolio includes solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of healthcare organizations, including transformations within Patient Access and Care Management.

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