Manage Hourly Revenue Cycle Employees Sent Home Due To Coronavirus

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Free collaborative software that creates a continuous virtual workplace so that revenue cycle workers do not feel isolated or alone if working from home.



Today, HEI Health is releasing their proprietary in-house software application to hospitals and healthcare facilities. This is to help hospitals manage their hourly revenue cycle workers if they are forced to send them home during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is essential that hospitals continue to not only treat the sick, but that their entire revenue cycle operations are able to keep working during this crisis.

Most free team collaboration software and “work from home” apps available online are not designed for continuous online visibility. You would need to schedule a meeting with your entire team and certain apps time out after a set amount of time. The number of users is often limited or you are required to pay per seat.

CollabApp was designed to mimic a natural team work environment so that workers do not feel isolated or alone at home, for as long as you need it to do so. Right now workers are afraid if their coworkers are okay, if they are going to be laid off, and if they can find groceries. Sending them to work at home, largely by themselves will only exacerbate their fears. HEI Health has made the decision to quickly release their proprietary software application, CollabApp, to help teams see each other daily and message in real-time, and share files, so that they are productive when working from home, rather than worrying about coworkers, their job, or feeling anxious or distracted.

CollabApp is quick to deploy and easy to learn. It uses the same intuitive features found social sharing apps. CollabApp is also tiered. You can add performance metrics, additional tools and HIPAA-compliance seamlessly for an additional fee if you wish to do so.


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Helping revenue cycle workers be productive and not feel isolated or alone if working from home.

Today, HEI Health is releasing their proprietary in-house software application, CollabApp, to hospitals and healthcare facilities to help them stay operational if hourly revenue cycle workers are sent home. HEI Health has been creating and managing virtual teams, supporting and getting top performance from remote hospital revenue cycle workers, for over fifteen years.

CollabApp software helps hospitals manage their entire hourly revenue cycle workforce remotely, keeping them profitable and productive, in a virtual environment that mimics their physical office where workers can see each other, communicate, support one another and feel less alone. It is meant for hourly workers so that they feel as if they are coming in to work and seeing coworkers, greeting each other, and able to ask for help/work together. CollabApp is easy to deploy, and easy to use by anyone familiar with popular, online social media apps.

Most online team collaboration software is not designed for continuous online collaboration. Meetings must be scheduled and often have time limits. Without a “visual community” hourly workers can misunderstand each other, feel alone, become fearful or depressed, and be less productive. Often online apps also have a limited number of licenses/”seats” and can become expensive depending on the application.


What is CollabApp?

CollabApp is a team collaboration working environment that allows managers and employees to see one another and work remotely while being able to ask questions, seek help, share documents and stay connected to their workplace and coworkers constantly. This helps create a “normalcy” that existed when they were working together in the office. If we have learned anything about the human spirit these last few weeks dealing with the coronavirus crisis, it is that we all want to belong, be a part of a community and that morale goes up when we participate together rather than when we are alone. CollabApp does this in a virtual workplace environment without having to sign in, schedule meetings, or having to learn complicated software.

At HEI Health we understand that hourly work is different from salaried, managerial staff which have different roles and different goals, and who often work self-directedly. CollabApp allows managers to share, encourage, go one-on-one or use situations as training opportunities. Employees can also help each other peer-to-peer, continuously, all day so that your team is as productive as it can be.


How CollabApp fits into your business continuity plan

HEI Health has made a commitment to help hospitals and healthcare facilities stay solvent during the current coronavirus outbreak. Not only to continue seeing and treating those needing services and testing for the coronavirus, but keeping their RCM operations functioning smoothly. This tool was specifically designed to address revenue cycle hourly staff working remotely, even if employees are contacted and told to not return to work the next day (a lockout).

A big challenge to C-Suite executives is that non-salaried employees have not had options to work from home. Managing hourly employees is very different than salaried or senior staff which have different work performance goals. Home office workspaces must be made secure so that other family members do not see patient’s records or overhear PHI (personal health information). Many hospitals are not prepared to send equipment home with hourly staff (and risk their data). They may have employees using their own personal equipment which is also a huge risk to the hospital.

CollabApp can easily be added to a hospital emergency business continuity plan in a hurry.

  • It is also quick and easy for managers and employees to learn and begin using immediately.
  • It is also tiered so that, for a fee, it can seamlessly be used as part of a larger suite of performance-enhancing and scoring tools if desired.
  • CollabApp is not like anything you’ve tried online. We encourage you to try it out, whether your team is already up and running from home or if you find yourself forced to work from home in a hurry.

CollabApp for RCM of remote work

CollabApp features/benefits:

  • Continuous online visibility and collaboration for large teams or small
  • Creates transparency, both manager-to-employee and peer-to-peer
  • Helps managers to monitor employees, customer service issues and possible workplace PHI violations
  • Maintains culture and encouragement/productivity
  • Mimics the office. Keeps employees from feeling alone or “lost” when they get stuck at home.
  • Allows for peer-to-peer requests for help, encouragement, and team learning/ongoing training
  • Text messaging to all or one-to-one
  • Managers can do real-time coaching or issue resolution
  • Uses friendly competition and gamification to increase productivity and fun while working remotely
  • Easily connect to ScoreLogix for detailed metrics and reporting as well as other tools


CollabApp - The RCM working environment 

Ways you can try out CollabApp with your Revenue Cycle Hourly Workforce

Have your C-Suite, Administrative Assistant, or I.T. staff contact HEI at:

Go to:

Set up a meeting to better determine if CollabApp might help you manage your employees remotely:



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