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At HEI Health we understand the financial realities of healthcare. In the revenue cycle, cost reductions and yield improvements are a must, the requirement for 10-20% cost reduction is becoming the new normal.

Here in our knowledge center we share insights and lessons learned, applying a proven playbook to drive practical performance improvements quickly. 

Why Revenue Cycle Budgets Create Big Losses

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These levers now become guideposts in everything you do. If it does not relate to a lever, stop doing it, it won’t get you there.


Community Hospital Uses Flexible Resource Model To Close $10M Budget Deficit & Support Transition To CBO

  • $10 Million In Cash Gains Realized
  • Successful Conversion & Reintegration Into Business Office
  • 50% Reduction In A/R Greater Than 150-Days
  • Domestic, Qualified Virtual Team Buffer Capacity For Transparency, Flexibility & Control

Hospital-Based IDN In Competitive Market Enhances Patient Experience By Transforming Patient Access Funded By Positive ROI Through Denial Reduction Of $9.2M

  • $9.2 Million Increase In Overall Gains, Self-Funding Project
  • 39% Reduction In Total Call Length
  • 23% Improvement In Pre-Service Collections
  • Implemented 1-Call Does-It-All Shegistration Model

Large IDN Consolidates Revenue Cycle For Turnaround Support, Yield Gains & Cost Reduction Generating $43M

  • $21 Million In Cash Gains Realized Within First Year Of Engagement
  • 200+ Employee CBO Redesigned For Scalable Growth
  • Record High Employee Engagement Scores
  • $43 Million In Cash Gains Realized To Date

Safety Net Community Cornerstone Innovates Revenue Cycle Contributing $25M As Part Of Viability Strategy

  • $25 Million In Cash Gains Realized
  • 85% Reduction In Timely Filing Denials
  • 6% Improvement In Net Revenue Yield
  • Hardwired High-Performance Culture

Stand-Alone Community Hospital Re-Engineers Revenue Cycle & Generates $23M To Fund The Future Of Care

  • $23 Million In Net Gains Realized Over Course Of Engagement
  • High Performance Culture Delivering Gains Post-Engagement
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Engagement
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