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  • RT  @Paulflevy : The only remaining market for fax machines is healthcare. Will this start a trend? https://t.co/nRY13Efu47 1 day ago
  • Once patient privacy programs evolve to support patient-led data sharing, patients will be able to improve their he… https://t.co/0IXNWnC39U 1 day ago
  • 85%of individuals said they would forgo local care and travel one hour based on hospital affiliation with a top-ran… https://t.co/yV41E4Olwm 4 days ago
  • "Does it matter what descriptions and labels we choose? The answer to that seems to be 'yes'." Mischa Dick, COO of… https://t.co/zYZetrgO31 7 days ago
  • Dr. Daniel J. Boffa states, “it is likely that affiliation status and co-branding has already impacted the distribu… https://t.co/RdoEHQriWO 1 week ago

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