Patient Access

Patient Access for Brand Enhancing Patient Experiences

Today’s patients are savvy consumers and they don’t want inconvenient scheduling options, excessive phone calls, to answer the same questions repeatedly, and definitely not surprise bills. With provider consolidation becoming the norm and the rise of large integrated health systems, patient experience is crucial for keeping patients happy and in-network. Pre-services, such as scheduling, pre-registration, financial clearance, and pre-authorizations, have remained an overlooked area for provider organizations that want to improve their patient experience.

HEI’s health system engineers create the infrastructure and processes required to deliver a best-in-class Patient Access experience that is scalable and patient centric, optimize call center technology to deliver the highest service levels, and ensure that authorization denials are eliminated.

Read the HEI Health Patient Access Experience "Schegistration" Model Overview

One Call Does-It-All "Schegistration"

  • Best-in-class processes to ensure accurate information is received from patients in order to issue a clean, reimbursable claim
  • Best-in-class processes educating patients to honor their financial obligations at point of service
  • Remove waste and inefficiencies from current pre-service operations by standardizing job functions and processes
  • Cultural change to a patient value system recognition with a strong focus on transparent patient and community education
  • Comprehensive approach to patient access facilitating high net promoter scores and lifetime customer loyalty

The Virtual Revenue Cycle

There is a big push throughout the healthcare industry to allow revenue cycle staff to work from home. Whether it’s because of rush hour traffic, attracting and retaining talent, costly office space or employee satisfaction, many healthcare systems are making the move. While the thought of having a virtual business office is very appealing to many leaders, it can be filled with issues and challenges. A virtual revenue cycle solution must safeguard patient health information, compensate for adequate office conditions, and promote staff performance.

HEI Health works with healthcare provider organizations to successfully prepare and transition their workforce for a truly remote revenue cycle model.

Is Your Organization Prepared for Remote Workforce Management?