Revenue Cycle Staffing is Almost Always Off Due to Changing Demands

New Forces Are Impacting Staffing Demand

Expectations on revenue cycle leaders are at all-time highs and demands for qualified staff are constantly changing. Revenue cycle leaders like you are being asked to do more with less while factors such as payer demands, IT implementations, EMR conversions, unification and consolidations all contribute to variable staff availability.

Revenue Cycle Leaders Need Flexible Staffing with Full Visibility and Accountability On-Demand

Traditional Options Don’t Offer Flexible Resourcing

Solutions to match staff capacity to the needs of revenue cycle leaders are limited:

  • Stretching your existing staff with overtime can be costly and risks staff burnout. Additionally, shifting resources to cover today’s problem creates new problems for tomorrow, in an ongoing “whack-a-mole” scenario.
  • Hiring additional staff can be expensive and become a budgetary issue. It can take months for new staff to be trained.
  • Temporary staff often come with inconsistent qualifications and you must manage the resources.
  • Outsourcing contracts are long, they lack flexibility, transparency, accountability and control, creating more downsides than value.

Your On-Demand Virtual Revenue Cycle Team

HEI Virtual Team Services™ Offers Revenue Cycle Leaders

  • Dedicated Assignment

    You receive dedicated resources specific to your needs.

  • Full Control 

    You get full control of what gets worked and how it gets worked.

  • Visual Access

    You have real-time access to your resources at all times, and direct communication with your resources.

  • Efficacy and Productivity Transparency

    Live measurements of individual and team performance.

  • Rigorous Quality Control

    VTS resources undergo a thorough certification process, including process certification and operations support.

  • Flexible 

    Flexible engagement and pricing options save you money and deliver instant value.

Unlike Outsourcing - VTS™ Provides Transparency, Flexibility & Control

Learn How You Can Get Your Own Virtual Revenue Cycle Team In As Little As Two Weeks