This is Your Comprehensive Work From Home Revenue Cycle Solution

Implementing a remote revenue cycle work force is no small task. 

A successful work from home program is often cited to deliver greater productivity from employees, cost savings, talent access advantages and greater employee satisfaction.

The Reality is Most Work From Home Revenue Cycle Programs Are Not Built For Long-Term Success and Fail to Deliver on These Promises. 

Virtual Team Services Environment (VTSE™) was Engineered to Address:

  • Transparency – Managers Can See Their Teams
  • Isolation – Remote Staff Stay Connected to Their Teams
  • Security – Provided Hardware & Software Built for Managing Patient Data
  • Performance – Leaders Monitor & Get Results

VTSE is The Ultimate Virtual Revenue Cycle Solution

VTSE Empowers Revenue Cycle Leaders Like You to Create Successful Work From Home Programs

See The Team



  • Visual Access To Team With CollabApp
  • Live Team & Individual Chats
  • Prevent Staff Isolation & Burnout

Drive Performance


ScoreLogix & CollectLogix

  • Team & Individual Performance Monitoring
  • Efficacy Monitoring Beyond Productivity
  • Monitor Composite Productive Time & Behaviors
  • AI Enabled Workflows

Enhance Skills


Learning Management System

  • Easy Onboarding With E-Learning Platform
  • Identify Skill Gaps With Monitoring Tools
  • Standardized Certification

Provide Hardware


VTSE Box Kit

  • PC, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse Included
  • Soft Phone Setup & Headset Included
  • Web Camera Included

Set Your Work From Home Program Up for Success with VTSE

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