The Virtual Revenue Cycle

Work from Home Revenue Cycle

There is a big push throughout the healthcare industry to allow revenue cycle staff to work from home. Whether it’s because of rush hour traffic, attracting and retaining talent, costly office space, or employee satisfaction many healthcare systems are making the move. While the thought of having a virtual business office is very appealing to many leaders, it can be filled with issues and challenges. A virtual revenue cycle solution must safeguard patient health information, compensate for adequate office conditions, and promote staff performance.

HEI Health works with healthcare provider organizations to successfully prepare and transition their workforce for a truly remote revenue cycle model.

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Performance Tracking for Remote Workforce Management

Transitioning to a virtual revenue cycle model often necessitates advanced employee performance tracking. However, host systems and patient accounting systems struggle to significantly measure the quality of work being done, beyond traditional productivity tracking. Advanced performance tracking systems may be needed for effectively monitoring productivity and performance insights.

HEI Health's Proprietary Virtual Revenue Cycle Performance Tracking System Offers Performance Insights, Including:

  • Percentage of follow-up that was a high-quality touch (i.e. not just statusing an account)
  • Percentage of follow-up over the past month that yielded payment on a single touch
  • The average ROI of that employee’s follow-up activity
  • Percentage of initial denials overturned
  • The frequency of balances written off